Summer is about to get a whole more awesome. 

Four weeks of Montessori activities to make summer learning easy & enjoyable for all!

What you’ll get out of this virtual four-week summer school program:

Right off the start, once you join Montessori Summer School, you will immediately have access to five sets of printables (including the summer printable pack you already received), 2 eBooks, and access to our exclusive Montessori Summer School 2017 Facebook group.  

Then, beginning 7/7, the Friday before the official start of Summer School, you will recieve the first week's activity plan. For the next four week, expect the same content with a calendar of activities, supplies needed, preparation required, resources to succeed, and pro tips. The Summer School platform is Teachable.

Hands-on & fun

Four weeks of activities planned that are hands-on and full of outdoor fun! The activities are inspired by Montessori and will not follow a specific lesson sequence.

Minimum prep

Meet weekly (or daily) in our private Facebook group to discuss ideas, resources, and varations to the digital learning calendar. 

Organic activities

I designed this Montessori summer school to be as easy as possible for adults. Read: lots of outdoor learning. You won't find yourself rushing out to buy supplies or Montessori materials.

Don’t wait, join Montessori Summer School today for $29.